The split layout positions items horizontally in a container, with one item filling the remaining horizontal space as the viewport is resized.


Example image showing an example of a split layout.
  1. Split: The split container, which holds all split items.
  2. Split item: An individual section of content to be placed in the split layout.


Use the split layout when content should be flexible and may change dynamically.


Multiple items that fill space

You can specify which split item fills the remaining horizontal space in the layout. More than one item can be set to fill, and they will share the remaining space equally.

Items that wrap

You can wrap split items to ensure that they fit among other content as the screen is resized. To implement wrappable items, refer to the related React and HTML examples.

Gutters around items

To adjust spacing between split items, you can apply gutters.

Example image showing a split layout with gutters.
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