A tooltip is in-app messaging used to identify elements on a page with short, clarifying text.

For information on other forms of on-screen help, see popover and hint.


Use tooltips to:

  • Provide labels for unlabeled icons.

    table with tooltip on an unlabeled kebab icon to provide more information
  • Provide additional information on a data point or element in a chart or table.

    bar chart with a tooltip on data point to describe it as Asia Pacific
  • Define new or unfamiliar UI elements that aren’t described directly in the user interface. For example, you can use a tooltip on a disabled button.

    table with tooltip on a disabled edit button to provide more information regarding access
  • Provide additional information on text or labels on hover. A way for users to see more information before clicking the element and being directed to a new page or producing an action on the page.

    table with tooltip on clickable text to provide more information

Tooltip delay on hover

By default, tooltips have a 300ms entry delay when hovering over an object. Although this is the recommended delay time, you may customize it via prop. For example, if you have a tooltip on an icon, and you would like for it to appear immediately on hover, you may set the delay to 0 ms.

When to use tooltips vs. popovers

Both tooltips and popovers provide more information in context for users. However, they’re different in a few ways:

  • Tooltips are used for identification purposes, while popovers are used for added description or information in context.
  • Tooltips contain short descriptions or labels, while popovers contain longer descriptions, formatted text, and optional images or links.
  • Tooltips appear on hover, while popovers appear on click.

Content considerations

  • Keep your tooltips clear and concise. Use the fewest number of words without sacrificing meaning.
  • If the tooltip is a full sentence, include a period at the end. If the tooltip is a fragment, do not include a period at the end.
  • Use tooltips for additional information. Don’t use tooltips for information critical to a user completing a task, such as password character requirements.
  • Tooltips should provide new and valuable information. Never use a tooltip to repeat information already available in the UI.
  • Don’t use tooltips with question-circle icons to present contextual information in forms and other areas. Instead, use a popover.


For information regarding accessibility, visit the tooltip accessibility tab.

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