A sidebar splits content into a secondary area that can be placed relative to the main content on a page.

A sidebar is a component which orients a panel relative to content. It was originally built to house jump links so that page content could be oriented relative to the jump links.

Keyboard users should be able to focus on interactive children of sidebar using Tab to move forward and Tab + Shift to move backward through interactive elements. Additionally, a tabindex should be added to the sidebar when there is scrollable content in order for the overflow content to be scrolled and accessible via keyboard.

Screen reader users should be able to navigate to the sidebar and all the contents of the sidebar should be read by the screen reader.

The following props/attributes have been added for you or are customizable in PatternFly:

React prop
React component it should be applied to
Which HTML element it appears on in markup
Reason used
Tab index should be set to 0 if the content of the sidebar is scrollable

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