Code editor

A code editor is a versatile text editor that allows for editing various languages. The code editor is built on top of the Monaco Editor.

A code editor is the open sourced monaco code editor wrapped in PatternFly controls and styles. PatternFly does not manage the interactions or the code for the monaco editor itself.

Keyboard users should be able to focus on the code editor controls using Tab to move forward and Tab + Shift to move backward through interactive elements. They should be able to select a focused control using Space or Enter. Keyboard users should also be able to move focus onto the monaco code editor using Tab, and then into the monaco code editor using the Down arrow. If focus is in the monaco code editor, the user should be able to use Tab + Shift to move focus out of the monaco code editor.

Screen reader users should be able to navigate through the code editor controls, as well as into and out of the monaco code editor. Each control should have an aria-label since they are designed to display only an icon with a Tooltip. The Tooltips are not announced by the screen reader, so the aria-label must be descriptive and clear.

The following props/attributes have been added for you or are customizable in PatternFly:

React prop
React component it should be applied to
Which HTML element it appears on in markup
Reason used
.pf-v5-c-code-editor__controls button
Aria-label for the copy button
.pf-v5-c-code-editor__controls button
Aria-label for the download button
.pf-v5-c-code-editor__controls button
Aria-label for the upload button
.pf-v5-c-code-editor__controls button
Aria-label for a custom control button
Text to show in the button to open the shortcut popover
.pf-v5-c-code-editor__controls button
Properties for the shortcut popover. Should contain 'bodyContent' to provide keybaord shortcuts built into the code editor

The monaco code editor comes with some keyboard shortcuts built in, so it is recommended that consumers communicate information about the following built in key commands:

| Opt + F1 | Accessibility helps | | F1 | View all editor shortcuts | | Ctrl + Space | Activate auto complete | | Cmd + S | Save |

Additionally, when implementing a code editor, a developer can add additional keyboard controls by adding a command to the editor parameter passed via the onEditorDidMount prop. For example:

onEditorDidMount = (editor, monaco) => { editor.addCommand(monaco.KeyMod.Shift | monaco.KeyCode.Space, () => {console.log("hello")}); };
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