Spacer margin

Margin, marginX, marginY

Margin - xl
Margin x axis - pf-u-mx-xl
Margin y axis - pf-u-my-xl

Margin top, margin right, margin bottom, margin left

Margin-top - xl
Margin-right - xl
Margin-bottom - xl
Margin-left - xl

Responsive margin

Margin-top - xl
Margin-top - xl on-sm
Margin-top - xl on-md
Margin-top - xl on-lg
Margin-top - xl on-xl
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Spacer padding

Padding, paddingX, paddingY

Padding - xl
Padding x axis - pf-u-px-xl
Padding y axis - pf-u-py-xl

Padding top, padding right, padding bottom, padding left

Padding-top - xl
Padding-right - xl
Padding-bottom - xl
Padding-left - xl

Responsive padding

Padding-top - xl on-sm
Padding-top - xl on-md
Padding-top - xl on-lg
Padding-top - xl on-xl
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Spacers combined

Combined spacers

Padding lg, margin lg
Padding lg on-lg, margin lg

Combined spacers (responsive)

Item 1
Item 2
Item 3
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Breakpoint is optional. Breakpoints: base (no breakpoint value), -on-sm, -on-md, -on-lg, -on-xl. Example .pf-u-m-sm-on-lg

Margin properties:

Abbreviation Property
m margin
mt margin-top
mr margin-right
mb margin-bottom
ml margin-left
mx margin-left & margin-right
my margin-top & margin-bottom

Padding properties:

Abbreviation Property
p padding
pt padding-top
pr padding-right
pb padding-bottom
pl padding-left
px padding-left & padding-right
py padding-top & padding-bottom

Size values:

Abbreviation Property
auto auto
0 0
xs var(--pf-global--spacer--xs)
sm var(--pf-global--spacer--sm)
md var(--pf-global--spacer--md)
lg var(--pf-global--spacer--lg)
xl var(--pf-global--spacer--xl)
2xl var(--pf-global--spacer--2xl)
3xl var(--pf-global--spacer--3xl)


Class Applied to Outcome
.pf-u-{m, mt, mr, mb, ml, mx, my}-{size}{-on-[breakpoint]} * Sets margin top, right, bottom, left, margin-left & right, margin-top & bottom to spacer value
.pf-u-{p, pt, pr, pb, pl, px, py}-{size}{-on-[breakpoint]} * Sets padding top, right, bottom, left, padding-left & right, padding-top & bottom to spacer value