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Tab content

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Tab content should be used with the tabs component.


Attribute Applied to Outcome
role="tabpanel" .pf-c-tab-content Indicates that the element serves as a container for a set of tabs. Required
aria-labelledby=[ID of tab element] .pf-c-tab-content Provides an accessible name for the tab panel by referring to the tab element that controls it. Required
id=[ID of tab panel] .pf-c-tab-content Provides an ID for the tab panel, and should be used as the value of aria-controls on the tab element that controls the panel. Required
hidden .pf-c-tab-content Indicates that the tab panel is not visible. Required on all but the active tab panel
tabindex="0" .pf-c-tab-content Puts the tab panel in the page tab sequence and facilitates movement to panel content for assistive technology users. Required


Class Applied to Outcome
.pf-c-tab-content <section> Initiates the tab content component. Required

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