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Skip to content allows screen reader and keyboard users to bypass navigation rather than tabbing through it.

When using .pf-c-skip-to-content you must provide an href attribute whose value corresponds to the id attribute of the primary content container for your application. In most cases this is the <main> element. For a demo of this see the page demo, and note the use of tabindex="-1" which allows the element to receive focus programmatically.


Attribute Applied to Outcome
href="[id of main container]" .pf-c-skip-to-content Sends focus to the primary content container. Required


Class Applied to Outcome
.pf-c-skip-to-content <a> initiates the skip to content link.
.pf-m-focus .pf-c-skip-to-content Forces display of the focus state. This state is primarily for demonstration purposes and would not normally be used in lieu of the :focus pseudo-class.

CSS variables