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The Check component is provided for use cases outside of forms. If it is used without label text ensure some sort of label for assistive technologies. (for example: aria-label)

If you extend this component or modify the styles of this component, then make sure any hover styles defined are applied to the clickable elements, like <input> or <label> since hover styles are used to convey the clickable target area of an element. To maximize the target area, use the example html where the <label> is the wrapping element.


Attribute Applied to Outcome
disabled <input type="checkbox"> Indicates that the element is unavailable and removes it from keyboard focus. Required when input is disabled


Class Applied to Outcome
.pf-c-check <div>, <label> Initiates the check component. Required
.pf-c-check__input <input type="checkbox"> Initiates a check input. Required
.pf-c-check__label <label>, <span> Initiates a label. Required
.pf-m-disabled .pf-c-check__label Initiates a disabled style for labels. Required when input is disabled

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