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Red Hat font

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Available in v4.161.0


PatternFly has created opt-ins for v4.0.2 of the RedHatFont. This is an update from v2.x. There are many new features in this update, including:

  • Variable fonts
  • New weights in Red Hat Display and Red Hat Text
  • Tabular figures (monospaced numbers) in Red Hat Display and Red Hat Text
  • Red Hat Mono typeface
  • Dropping support for IE11 (dropped the .woff format)

Available Opt-ins


Updates the Red Hat Text and Red Hat Display font stacks to v4.0.2. This should be a safe, seamless opt-in, with small improvements to glyph shape, kerning, metadata across the entire family of fonts. Potential concerns may be that this will remove support for IE11 by removing the .woff format support, and small layout shifts as result of the small improvements.


Updates the monospaced font stack to use the Red Hat Mono font. This opt-in can be combined with .pf-m-redhat-updated-font.


Updates the Red Hat Text, Red Hat Display, and Red Hat Mono font stacks to use the variable font files.


This is a global class that can be applied to any element to enable monospaced numbers on that element and its children.

Using opt-in classes

To opt-in to any of the new fonts (.pf-m-redhat-updated-font, .pf-m-redhatmono-font, and .pf-m-redhatVF-font), add the opt-in class to the <body> tag of your application. To opt-in to monospaced numbers globally across your application, apply .pf-m-tabular-nums to any element that wraps your entire application (eg, <body>, <div id="root">, <div class="pf-c-page">, etc). To opt-in to monospaced numbers on a particular element and its children, add the class to that element itself.

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