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Keep your capitalization consistent, and follow the capitalization rules your company enforces for your products.

Sentence case capitalizes only the first word of each sentence and proper nouns. On PatternFly, we use sentence case capitalization for all text elements, except the following:

  • Product names (Red Hat Virtualization, PatternFly, Red Hat CloudForms)
  • Proper nouns for individuals, organizations, and locations.
  • Acronyms and initialisms (URL, HTML, CSS, JS)

Note: Hyperlinked articles in a UI are usually not displayed as titles. Instead, the copy typically reads something along the lines of, “Learn more about [tool name].”

Capitalization for tools outside your product portfolio

If you’re referencing tools outside your company’s product portfolio, write the product names as they appear in the respective company’s documentation. For example, if you’re referencing a product in AWS and Amazon capitalizes it, then capitalize it in your writing.

Capitalization for breadcrumb trails

Usually, page titles appear in a breadcrumb trail. If all page titles are in sentence case, they should also appear in sentence case in the breadcrumb trail.

However, breadcrumb trails aren’t limited to page titles alone. If a name entered by a user (such as “vagrant-host”) is included in the breadcrumb trail, then use the same case that the name appears in.


Rules > Systems > vagrant-host

You always want the names in the breadcrumb trail to exactly match the names of the elements they’re referencing.

Capitalization for PatternFly components

PatternFly components should be written in lowercase. Components are not technically proper nouns or products, so they aren’t capitalized. If they start a sentence or a page title, then capitalize the first letter only.

Note: “React” is always written in title case, even when referring to a component (“React component”). It’s the official name of a JavaScript library, and it’s written as a proper noun across the react.js org site.