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Composable menu


Composable menus currently require consumer keyboard handling and use of our undocumented popper.js wrapper component called Popper. We understand this is inconvientent boilerplate and these examples will be updated to use Dropdown in a future release.

Composable simple dropdown

Composable actions menu

Composable simple select

Composable simple checkbox select Beta

Composable typeahead select Beta

Composable multiple typeahead select Beta

Composable drilldown menu Beta

Composable tree view menu

When rendering a menu-like element that does not contain MenuItem components, Panel allows more flexible control and customization.

Composable flyout Beta

The flyout will automatically position to the left or top if it would otherwise go outside the window. The menu must be placed in a container outside the main content like Popper, Popover or Tooltip since it may go over the side nav.

Composable application launcher

Composable context selector

Composable options menu variants

Composable dropdown variants

Composable date select

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