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A wizard provides a guided workflow that offers a path to complete a task, create an object or objects, or finish a series of steps for some other outcome. Wizards should incite trust in the user and guide them through an otherwise overwhelming experience.

A newer React implementation of the wizard will replace the existing implementation at the next major release. The documentation for the newer implementation is under the React next tab, and this newer implementation can be imported from @patternfly/react-core/next.



Basic screenshot
Nav expanded (mobile) screenshot

With drawer, closed

With drawer, closed screenshot

With drawer, expanded

With drawer, expanded screenshot

With drawer and informational step

With drawer and informational step screenshot

In page

In page screenshot

In page nav expanded (mobile)

In page nav expanded (mobile) screenshot

With drawer, in page

With drawer, in page screenshot

With drawer, in page, expanded

With drawer, in page, expanded screenshot

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