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Info alert:Beta feature

This Beta component is currently under review and is still open for further evolution. It is available for use in product. Beta components are considered for promotion on a quarterly basis. Please join in and give us your feedback or submit any questions on the PatternFly forum or via Slack. Learn more about Beta components here.


Attribute-value filtering

This demo showcases the selection of attribute-value pairs based on a predefined set of data.

Available attributes are shown in a menu when focus is placed on the text input. Once an attribute is selected the values for that attribute will be shown in the menu. When a value is selected for the attribute the pair will be converted into a chip and placed into the chip group. Typing in the text input will filter the entries shown in the menu.

Attributes and values can both be selected by:

  • clicking the entry shown in the menu
  • hitting the up or down arrows (while focused on the text input) to switch focus to the menu, navigating the menu using the arrow keys, and hitting enter on an entry
  • hitting enter (while focused on the text input) to select the first entry shown in the menu at the time

Additionally, attributes can be selected by typing the full (case sensitive) name of an attribute, then typing :.

Attributes can be deselected (returning you to attribute selection mode) by hitting escape, or by hitting backspace when the only text in the text input is the attribute.

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