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The page component is used to define the basic layout of a page with either vertical or horizontal navigation. Page layouts are defined using page sections, such as the header, body, and footer of a page. The basic layout of a page depends on whether your page uses vertical or horizontal navigation.

A page can be combined with many other components, so to create an accessible page, refer to the accessibility recommendations for each component.

Keyboard users should be able to navigate through the masthead of the page and into other interactive elements of the page using Tab and Shift + Tab to move forward and backward through interactive elements.

Screen reader users should be able to navigate through and interact with the masthead of the page using the same interactions as keyboard users. Elements of a page that do not have visible descriptive text, such as toggle icons, should have alternative text for screen readers.

Consider using a skip to content component on your page so that assistive technology users don’t need to make their way through the entire navigation menu each time they go to another page.

To make a page accessible:

  • Use semantic elements when possible, as these will have default roles. If this is not possible, manually add roles to identify different regions of the page as needed.
  • If there are multiple instances of one type of semantic element (for instance, two <nav> items), label the elements.
  • For every element that does not contain text, add an aria-label attribute that contains alternative text.
  • If using notifications in the masthead, refer to notification badge accessibility guidelines.

The following props/attributes have been added for you or are props/attributes that can be customized:

React prop
React component that it should be applied to
Which HTML element it appears on in markup
Reason used
Labels the navigation toggle button
Identifies the element controlled by the toggle
Labels the main section
An id to use for the [role="main"] element
A tabIndex to use for the [role="main"] element. Defaults to -1; make this value null to unset it
Skip to content component for the page
Value for the role on the <main> element

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