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Label group

Use a label group when you have multiple labels to display at once. Label groups can be oriented either horizontally or vertically and can optionally be named and dismissable.


Label groups have a number of components to them.

Elements of a label group
  1. Label group: indicates the group category or name if one exists.
  2. Label: indicates the labels applied.
  3. Overflow: indicates if there are more labels to show.
  4. Group close: deletes the entire label group.

Label groups can use various combinations of these features to build custom label groups.


Label groups should be used when there are multiple labels assigned to a component. They can be used almost anywhere in a UI, but are commonly used in table views and description lists.

Label groups in a table

Table with labels

Label groups in a table popover

Table with vertical label group in a popover

Label groups in a description list

Description list with labels
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