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A form is a group of elements used to collect information from a user in a variety of contexts including in a modal, in a wizard, or on a page. Use cases for forms include tasks reliant on user-inputted information for completion like logging in, registering, configuring settings, or completing surveys.



Include your middle name if you have one.

How can we contact you?
Time zone


Include your middle name if you have one.

How can we contact you? 


Include your middle name if you have one.

Sections with repeatable fields


Complex form

  • prometheus=k8s
  • new
Define details regarding alerting.
The query specification defines the query command line flags when starting.
If specified, the pod's scheduling constraints.
Exposes your appplication at a public URL.
Public hostname for the route. If not specified, a hostname is generated.
Path that the router watches to route traffic to the service.
Routes can be secured using several TLS termination types for serving certificates.
Health checks
Readiness probe
A readiness probe checks if the container is ready to handle requests. A failed readiness probe means that a container should not receive any traffic from a proxy, even if it's running.
Liveness probe
A startup probe checks if the application within the container is started.
Build configuration

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