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Expandable section

An expandable section is used to support progressive disclosure in a form or page by hiding additional content when you don't want it to be shown by default.

Keyboard users should be able to navigate to the expandable section toggle and use Enter or Space to show or hide the expandable content. Tab order should also be preserved within the expandable content, so all interactable elements in the expandable content should follow the expandable section toggle in the tab order.

Screen reader users should be informed that the expandable section toggle is interactable, and whether the state of its associated expandable content is expanded or collapsed using the aria-expanded attribute. The screen reader user should also be able to access the expanded expandable content. When the expandable content is detached from the expandable section toggle, the expandable content's id should be set as the value of the expandable section toggle's aria-controls attribute.

The following props/attributes have been added for you and are customizable in PatternFly:

React component
React prop
Which HTML element it appears on in markup
Id of the expandable section, associates this content with its toggle button.
.pf-c-expandable-section__toggle aria-controls
Associates this toggle button with the content that it reveals and hides.

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