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A chip is used to communicate a value or a set of attribute-value pairs within workflows that involve filtering a set of objects. A chip contains a text element, and usually also a button that allows the user to remove the chip from a selection. Read-only or draggable chips may not have a button.

Keyboard users should be able to navigate to the button on a chip, as long as the chip has a button, and remove it from a selection.

Screen reader users should be able to navigate to the chip and have a screen reader read the chip’s text, as well as remove the chip from a selection if it has a button.

The following attributes have been added for you or are customizable in PatternFly:

Which HTML element it appears on in markup
Reason used
aria-label="[button label text]"
Provides an accessible name for the button when an icon is used instead of text. Required when an icon is used with no supporting text.
aria-labelledby="[id value of .pf-c-button]"
Gives the button an accessible name by referring to the element that provides the position of the button within a list. Required when the button is being removed.
Hides the icon from assistive technologies.

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