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At the core of PatternFly is our community of people—in other words, our Flyers. Together, we celebrate creativity and foster a sense of teamwork and unity.

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Who we are

We’re made of designers, developers, and other UX professionals with a passion for open source. We each have different ways of working with others and supporting the community—there’s no one way to be a Flyer. Whether we’re contributing to PatternFly or just staying up to date on new releases, we work together to make PatternFly a vibrant community of passionate people.

What we're building

Our work extends beyond products and apps. We’re always exploring new ways we can welcome ideas and build better experiences for the very people who make PatternFly what it is today.


Building global connections

Flyers may be spread all over the globe, but we make sure to come together once a month to share updates and collect feedback. All meetings are recorded and published on PatternFly’s YouTube channel, and you can join PatternFly’s mailing list for the invites.

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Building PatternFly roadmaps

To stay on top of all changes and keep everyone informed, we regularly update PatternFly roadmaps. This gives us an opportunity to share what Flyers are working on and what updates we’re planning.

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Building accessible experiences

A community isn’t really a community unless everyone is included, so accessible UX is important to us. We regularly test and audit PatternFly’s accessibility and share guidance whenever we can.

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Creating new communities

Sometimes Flyers branch out and build groups of their own, which is how new communities are born. While PatternFly communities are separate from PatternFly and not supported as part of the design system, we still love seeing our Flyers forming new groups and developing their visions into actions.

PatternFly Elements

PatternFly Elements is a community created by Red Hat's web-based developers. It focuses on creating web components for use across Red Hat's sites and SaaS products and features theming options available for your own brand library.

PatternFly Fritz2

PatternFly Fritz2 is a Kotlin implementation of PatternFly based on fritz2 targeting Kotlin/JS. The goal of this project is to provide all PatternFly components in Kotlin. This is done in a way that matches the reactive nature of fritz2. In particular, the components use stores, handlers, and other elements from the fritz2 API. To get a quick overview what this is all about head over to the PatternFly Fritz2 showcase.

Let's keep growing

The PatternFly community is never finished growing, and we want to keep it that way. Feel free to reach out whenever — we’re always open.

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