PatternFly is built on top of Bootstrap 3 and is licensed Apache 2.0. Additionally, there are a number of PatternFly JS framework implementations available.


PatternFly Core contains the HTML, CSS, and JQuery for the PatternFly pattern library. The JS framework implementation of PatternFly have a dependency on Core.

Visit the PatternFly GitHub Repo

Angular PatternFly

Angular PatternFly contains the code for a set of Angular 1 components.

Visit the Angular PatternFly GitHub Repo

PatternFly Ng

PatternFly Ng contains the code for a set of Angular 4+ components.

Visit the PatternFly Ng GitHub Repo

PatternFly React

PatternFly React contains the code for a set of React components.

Visit the PatternFly React GitHub Repo

PatternFly Design

PatternFly Design is where the PatternFly design documentation is managed and maintained. The documentation is in a markdown file format and includes definitions on use cases and specifications for a pattern. This content is viewable on our site under Pattern Library.

Visit the PatternFly Design GitHub Repo

PatternFly Design Kit

The PatternFly Design Kit is a Sketch library used for creating PatternFly accurate design mockups.

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