The PatternFly Framework includes reference HTML markup and CSS for widgets and selected patterns.  You can use this code directly in your project or as a starting point for your own implementation.  The framework is built on top of Bootstrap 3 and is licensed Apache 2.0.  The PatternFly framework is available in a number of distributions.


This reference implementation of PatternFly is based on Bootstrap v3. PatternFly can be thought of as a skinned version of Bootstrap with additional components and customizations.

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Angular PatternFly

Angular PatternFly is a supplement to PatternFly and provides a set of common AngularJS directives for use with the PatternFly reference implementation.

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Sass PatternFly

Sass Patternfly is a port of PatternFly from Less to Sass for your Sass powered applications.

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PatternFly RubyGem

PatternFly converted to Sass and ready to drop into Rails.

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