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The PatternFly team has created the accessibility scorecard to evaluate the state of accessibility for any UI built using PatternFly. The scorecard represents the state of accessibility for a UI at the date of evaluation. The PatternFly team has used this scorecard to evaluate the PatternFly documentation on A UI which desires an accessibility evaluation and scorecard can reach out via the PatternFly Slack workspace.

Report generated Nov 21, 2022
Preliminary accessibility report generated using axe-core based tooling.Initial report (May 16th, 2022)

1066 violations found

Manual keyboard and screen reader testing conducted.--
Accessibility violations in product itemized and prioritized. Notes should indicate how violations were identified - i.e. via generated report and/or manual testing.patternfly/patternfly-org issue #2920

Will be updated once keyboard/screen reader testing conducted

Critical and major accessibility violations identified in item #3 resolved (%).96%Latest generated report (Nov 21, 2022)

44 violations remaining

Automated accessibility checks added to pull request or equivalent code acceptance criteria.--
Manual keyboard and screen reader accessibility checks added to pull request or equivalent code acceptance criteria.Accessibility devs identified and tagged on relevant PRs to manually review screen reader and keyboard interactions
CI/CD Process established to track accessibility violations/regressions. CI/CD process could be wired up to use or the patternfly-a11y tool (also built using axe)--Report configuration created, needs to be hooked into CI/CD
Website built with PatternFly React components. Could note alternate design systems/component libraries along with reference to their accessibility docs.
PatternFly React is up to date with the latest releaseCurrent versions: "@patternfly/patternfly": ">=4.185.1", "@patternfly/react-core": ">=4.202.16"
User testing conducted (Extra credit 🌟)--

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