Tooltips are used to provide short, clarifying descriptions of elements on a page. They are typically used to clarify the meaning of icons.

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Tooltip top

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Tooltip right

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Tooltip bottom

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Tooltip left

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A tooltip is used to provide contextual information for another component on hover. The tooltip itself is made up of two elements: arrow and content. One of the directional modifiers (.pf-m-left, .pf-m-top, etc.) is required on the tooltip component.


Attribute Applied To Outcome
role="tooltip" .pf-c-tooltip Adds a tooltip role to the tooltip component. Required
aria-describedby="[id of .pf-c-tooltip__content]" or aria-labelledby="[id of .pf-c-tooltip__content]" [element that triggers the tooltip] Makes the contents of the tooltip accessible to assistive technologies by associating the tooltip text with the element that triggers the tooltip. Use aria-labelledby if the tooltip provides a label for the element. Use aria-describedby if the element already has an accessible label that is different from the tooltip text. Required


Class Applied To Outcome
.pf-c-tooltip <div> Creates a tooltip. Always use with a modifier class that positions the tooltip relative to the element it describes. Required
.pf-c-tooltip__arrow <div> Creates an arrow pointing towards the element the tooltip describes. Required
.pf-c-tooltip__content <div> Creates the body of the tooltip. Required
.pf-m-left .pf-c-tooltip Positions the tooltip to the left of the element.
.pf-m-right .pf-c-tooltip Positions the tooltip to the right of the element.
.pf-m-top .pf-c-tooltip Positions the tooltip to the top of the element.
.pf-m-bottom .pf-c-tooltip Positions the tooltip to the bottom of the element.

CSS Variables

--pf-c-tooltip__arrow--m-bottom--Transformc_tooltip__arrow_m_bottom_Transformtranslate(-50%,-50%) rotate(45deg)
--pf-c-tooltip__arrow--m-left--Transformc_tooltip__arrow_m_left_Transformtranslate(50%,-50%) rotate(45deg)
--pf-c-tooltip__arrow--m-right--Transformc_tooltip__arrow_m_right_Transformtranslate(-50%,-50%) rotate(45deg)
--pf-c-tooltip__arrow--m-top--Transformc_tooltip__arrow_m_top_Transformtranslate(-50%,50%) rotate(45deg)