PatternFly icons are two dimensional and flat. Most of the icons are gray, with the exception of icons that require color for emphasis.

PatternFly includes custom icons and selections from IcoMoon – Free and FontAwesome. Not all of the FontAwesome icons are recommended for use with PatternFly, but are included for convenience. Bootstrap Glyphicons are also included in PatternFly, but are not recommended for use. See below for recommendations.

To copy any icon to the clipboard, just click on the icon. To use an icon within desktop applications, install PatternFlyIcons-webfont.ttf or FontAwesome.otf, set it as the font in your application, and paste the icons into your designs.

You can also download the set of PatternFly icon SVGs.

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PatternFly Icons

Custom icons and selections from IcoMoon – Free.

Icon Name Hex# Content String Definition Type Contextual Usage
fa-angle-down     Hide   For use in accordions and progressive disclosure
fa-angle-right     Show   For use in accordions and progressive disclosure
fa-arrow-circle-o-down     Down Status e.g. “VM is down”
fa-arrow-circle-o-up     Up Status e.g. “VM is up”
fa-check     OK Status For use in content views (e.g. table)
fa-cube     Pod Object  
fa-cubes     Container Object  
fa-columns     Show/Hide Columns Action To show/hide columns on a table view
fa-envelope     Messages Object  
fa-external-link     External link   Indicates that a link goes to an external site
fa-filter     Filter Action  
fa-list-alt     Summary View View Type  
fa-refresh     Refresh Action  
fa-tachometer     Dashboard    
pficon-add-circle-o   e61b Create/Add Action  
pficon-applications   e936 Applications Object  
pficon-arrow   e929      
pficon-asleep   e92e Asleep Status VM is asleep or in power suspended mode
pficon-automation   e937 Automation    
pficon-blueprint   e915      
pficon-build   e902      
pficon-builder-image   e800 Image Object  
pficon-bundle   e918      
pficon-chat   e928      
pficon-close   e60b Close Action  
pficon-cloud-security   e903 Cloud Security Object  
pficon-cloud-tenant   e904 Cloud Tenant Object  
pficon-cluster   e620 Cluster Object  
pficon-connected   e938 Connected Status power is on and something is “up”. This is a more active alternative to “pficon-on”
pficon-container-node   e621 Node Object  
pficon-cpu   e927 CPU Object  
pficon-degraded   e91b      
pficon-delete   e611 Delete Action  
pficon-disconnected   e939 Disconnected Status power is off and something is “down”. This is a more active alternative to “pficon-off”
pficon-domain   e919      
pficon-edit   e60a Edit Action  
pficon-enterprise   e906 Enterprise Object  
pficon-equalizer   e610      
pficon-error-circle-o   e926 Error Status  
pficon-export   e616 Export Action  
pficon-flag   e603      
pficon-flavor   e907      
pficon-folder-close   e607 Folder Close   Seen in file browser
pficon-folder-open   e606 Folder Open   Seen in file browser
pficon-help   e605 Help    
pficon-history   e617      
pficon-home   e618 Home    
pficon-image   e61f Image Object  
pficon-import   e615 Import Action  
pficon-in-progress   e933 In progress Status x has an action running (with an end goal)
pficon-info   e92b Info    
pficon-infrastructure   e93d Infrastructure    
pficon-key   e924      
pficon-locked   e923      
pficon-maintenance   e932 Maintenance in Progress Status VM is currently preparing for maintenance
pficon-memory   e908 Memory Object  
pficon-migration   e931 Migration in progress Status VM is in the middle of a migration
pficon-messages   e603      
pficon-middleware   e917      
pficon-network   e909 Network Object  
pficon-off   e92d Off Status x is powered off
pficon-ok   e602 OK Status  
pficon-on   e92c On Status x is powered on
pficon-on-running   e925 On and runnining Status x is on/up and also running/active
pficon-optimize   e93e Optimize    
pficon-orders   e93f Orders    
pficon-paused   e92f Paused Status VM is paused. (the processor execution is stopped at whatever point the process was in)
pficon-pending   e930 Pending Status x is pending; currently waiting on contingencies
pficon-plugged   e930 Plugged In Status x is connected, or “plugged in”
pficon-print   e612 Print Action  
pficon-private   e914      
pficon-project   e905      
pficon-rebalance   e91c      
pficon-regions   e90a      
pficon-registry   e623 Registry Object  
pficon-remove   e611      
pficon-replicator   e624 Replicator Object  
pficon-repository   e90b Repository Object  
pficon-resource-pool   e90c Resource pool Object  
pficon-resources-almost-empty   e91d      
pficon-resources-almost-full   e912      
pficon-resources-full   e913      
pficon-restart   e617 Restarting Status x is currently restarting or rebooting
pficon-route   e625 Route Object  
pficon-save   e601      
pficon-screen   e600 Host Object  
pficon-search   e921      
pficon-server   e90d Server Object  
pficon-server-group   e91a      
pficon-service   e61e      
pficon-service-catalog   e941      
pficon-settings   e610      
pficon-spinner2   e613      
pficon-spinner   e614      
pficon-storage-domain   e90e      
pficon-tenant   e916      
pficon-thumb-tack-o   e920      
pficon-topology   e608 Topology View View Type  
pficon-trend-down   e900      
pficon-trend-up   e901      
pficon-unknown   e935 Unknown status Status x has an unknown status
pficon-unlocked   e922      
pficon-unplugged   e942 Unplugged Status x is disconnected, or “unplugged”
pficon-user   e91e User Object  
pficon-users   e91f Users Object  
pficon-virtual-machine   e90f Virtual machine Object  
pficon-volume   e910      
pficon-warning-triangle-o   e913 Warning Status  
pficon-zone   e911